Portable Mini Body Massager Mobile Phone Control Electric Digital Therapy




  • Brand Name: Raiuleko
  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Product Name: e-Tens Smartphone Massager
  • Color: White
  • Effect: Release pain from illness
  • Type: Boby massage
  • Product features 1: Relax muscles
  • Product features 2: Soothing cervical vertebra
  • Product features 3: Relieve fatigue
  • Applicable scene: Anytime, anywhere
  • Applicable parts: Neck, waist, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, back, feet
  • Massage technique: Massage, beating. Kneading, sceaping. acupuncture, cupping
  • Applicable equipment: Mobile phone, charging treasure
  • Product advantage 1: No need to charge
  • Product advantage 2: Small and convenient, carry it with you
  • Product advantage 3: Maximum output limit
  • Product advantage 4: Short circuit protection
  • Product advantage 5: Start output limit
  • Product advantage 6: Electrostatic protection
  • Pulse width: 135cm
  • Patch size: 4*4cm
  • Patch material: Medical silicone gel
  • Working current: 3 to 60 mA
  • Voltage: USB powered 5.0V
  • Plug type: No need
  • Product code: R-249-B 
Product description:
This product is a very portable line-controlled massage device, no need to charge and battery, plug in the phone or power supply can be used, easy to operate, three-button control, 6 mode selection, 9-level intensity adjustment.
The product is microprocessor controlled and includes 6 different massage modes for analog automatic cycle programs.
The product internally generates pulse waves of different frequencies and intensities.
These pulses will stimulate the muscle strain and achieve fatigue relief.
The pulse sends a signal that relaxes the tense muscles and then relaxes.
These pulses are designed to simulate neural information in a natural state.
This way the muscles can contract effectively and comfortably. Simulating normal muscle movement again and again,
So don’t worry like other massage methods. It is small and easy to carry. It can be combined with computers, mobile power and USB power devices. Now you can sit at home and enjoy the benefits of a massage. It can help you easily have a healthy and healthy body.
Product advantages:
  • No need to charge
  • Small and convenient, carry it with you
  • Maximum output limit
  • Short circuit protection
  • Start output limit
  • Electrostatic protection
  • E-Tens smart phone massage instrument combines modern science and technology with traditional Chinese meridian theory to help you relax your muscles.
  • 6 ways, relaxed for you to relieve fatigue, relax the muscles:Massage, beating. Kneading, sceaping. acupuncture, cupping
  • Choose from 9 intense levels
  • 5 muscle groups, 45 acupoints, more professional relaxation
  • Ease neck and shoulder discomfort
  • The light had exclusive massage, desk work more easily.
  • Fashion health, arbitrary:Health, make fashion more arbitrary
Product guide:
  • 1. The two buttons: “+” /open/add “-“/off/reduce 2. Press “M” switchover (Massage, beating. Kneading, scraping. acupuncture, cupping)
  • 3. Nine intensity “+” add (1-9 level). “-” reduce (9-1 level)
  • 4. Plug in power and press the “+” button is starting up. The ling press the “-” button about two seconds is powered off in work mode.
  • 5. Each of these patterns make automatic cycle every five minutes. automatically stop after 15 minutes, press “+” to start work again.
  • 6. Power indicator light: blue light Turn on the power to work and remove the power to stop
  • 7.VoItage: USB power5.0 V
If the cell phone indicator is not on, Please play the OTG function manually(Set– more Settings– OTG–open)
If the plug is not applicable, you can use the transformation header
Product use steps
1.Connect button adsorption paster
2.The patch should be attached to the skin at the same time
3.Put the plug to the phone or power
4 Press “+” button is power On (Some phones need to open the 0TG function manually)
5.Long press the “-” button is powered off
6. “M” Switcher mode
Product parameters:
Applicable scene: anytime, anywhere
Applicable parts Neck, waist, hips, shoulders, arms, legs, back, feet
Massage technique:Massage, beating. Kneading, scraping. acupuncture, cupping
Application: mobile phone, charging treasure
Patch size: 4*4cm
Patch material: medical silicone gel
Equipment length: 135cm
Product color: white
Pulse width: 4-400us ± 20%
Output voltage amplitude: 5-100Vpp±20%
Working current: 3 to 60 mA
Voltage: USB powered 5.0V
Product List:
2X Electrode sheet
1X English manual
1X Android phone interface
1X Apple mobile phone interface
1X Exquisite gift box packaging   

4x4cm 20pcs, 4x6cm 10pcs, 7.5×4.5cm 20pcs, Cable x 1Pcs, Gloves with Cable, Gloves x 1Pair, with bag x 1Pcs, with box x 1Pcs


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