Electronic Acupuncture Pen Stimulator Acupoint body massager




1. Five strength
2. Fusion of modern biotechnology;
3. Acupuncture without piercing the skin;
4. Simple operation, be easy to carry about;
5. Safe and effective, No side effects;
6. Independent Search for Acupuncture and Moxibustion, It won’t work if you don’t find acupuncture and meridian obstruction.; 7.Transient pulse
8. Accurate physiotherapy;
Economically affordable household use:
Voltage: DC1.5V
Output: 3.7V; 300 Ma+/-50 Ma
Pulse frequency: 0.01-300Hz
Pulse width:100us-320us
Maximum output range: 500 Ohm
Load voltage: 3.3V
Battery: 5AA battery(Not included)
Size: 200 * 30mm
Package included: 1* Acupuncture Pen 2* Meridian massage head 1* pass vitality energy cream 1* English manual 1* Box

1.The therapeutic principle of electronic acupuncture pen is to stimulate acupoints with electric pulse, then activate cells and dredge channels. Conditions for simultaneous generation of electrical pulses, That is, the positive and negative poles of the current must be turned on. 2.Pen is unipolar current ( NIB ) output, So the other polar current should be handed and refluxed with one of the electronic acupuncture pens. So it generates electrical pulses. So it’s normal to feel a little normal. Numbness in hands, How does the collateral pen work, Not Quality issues. 3.In the current process of regression, According to the resistance value of the hand, The power you feel will be different. Some people feel stronger, Some people feel weak. Young people or healthy people feel stronger. Older people or people in poor health may Feel weak.


Box packing, Opp packing, SA0371-OPP-bag


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